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Friday, February 7, 2014

Structral Fire on Rice Road Elma, New York - 02.04.2014

Flames, smoke billow from two-family home

ELMA, New York (WIVB)- A major structure fire closed a portion of a roadway in Elma Tuesday morning. Flames sparked at 7 a.m. on Rice Road, between Bowen and Shultz Roads. That stretch of the roadway was closed for more than two hours.

Flames erupted at a two-story building, that is a two-family home. More than an hour and a half after the blaze started, heavy smoke and flames were still billowing into the air from a second-floor apartment. Flames spread throughout the house and smoke was shooting out through the attic. Firefighters were fighting the flames defensively from a ladder above the flames.

Investigators believe hoarding may have been a factor in the fire that spread quickly.

Fire at 3 Family Home in Elma

ELMA, New York (WKBW) Massive dark grey clouds of smoke billow out of a home along Rice Road in Elma, as firefighters spent most of Tuesday morning trying to contain the flames.

"Three story house, three families, you have apartments above the garage, difficult to get to," Chief Brian Nolan of the Jamison Road Fire Company said.

Everyone inside was able to escape unharmed, but multiple fire companies responded, even having to shoot water from above to suppress the stubborn fire.

"We had fire coming out the roof, and we were not able to get hand lines up to that roof, so we have the ladder shooting water down on the roof," Nolan explained.

But the layout of the home wasn't the only challenge. The freezing cold weather made things that much harder for firefighters.

"With the cold weather, the ice is real difficult. It freezes hand lines, you have trouble with the hydrants being frozen. It's just extreme conditions, that's why there's so many companies here helping with the water situation," Chief Nolan added.

Officials say the fire started in the garage, but the cause is still under investigation.

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