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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Fire At Woodland Ave, Buffalo N.Y. - 02.22.2014

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Several residents are recovering from an early morning apartment fire after leaping from the building to escape the flames.

Buffalo firefighters say they got the call just after 12 a.m. Saturday about a fire at the corner of Woodlawn Avenue and Welker Street. High winds caused the fire to grow quickly and the roof to collapse.

The building suffered heavy damage, but all seven tenants got out safely. An unknown number of them were taken to the hospital with burns. The severity of those burns is not known.

"Due to the amount of fire, we had to fight it from the exterior. Normally, we'd go right in there, but it was just too dangerous for that type of tactic," said Patrick Ritzzalaro, Buffalo fire division chief.

Fire investigators are still looking into the extent of the damages and the cause of the fire.

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