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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

USFA LODD: North Carolina Firefighter On-Duty Death Notification 12.15.2015

Firefighter Sidney “Sid” Winer, 92, was involved in a motor vehicle collision on October 20th, 2015, while riding in department's Ford F150 returning from picking up equipment.  Another vehicle pulled out directly in front of the department's truck. Firefighter Winer sustained serious fractures to both feet as a result of the collision which totaled the department's truck.  As a result of the injuries he sustained, Firefighter Winer's right leg was amputated just below the knee on December 3rd, 2015.  Firefighter Winer was in the rehabilitation center at CarolinaEast Medical Center when he succumbed to his injuries on December, 15th.

Our condolences to the Winer Family & Friends, Fire Department: No. 7 Township Fire Rescue and to all affected by Firefighter Sidney “Sid” Winer’s passing.
To date, 83 firefighter fatalities have been reported to USFA in 2015. Year-to-date monthly and annual USFA firefighter fatality reports are posted online at U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) Fatality Notices page. 

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