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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Smoke Detectors Helps Family Escape; House Fire Cheektowaga New York - 11.11.14

U-Crest Fire Department firefighters were called to respond and fight  a fire at 3:15 a.m. Tuesday morning, to a two-story house on 77 Leni Lane in Cheektowaga New York.

The fire was reported that it started in the bathroom ceiling and spread from there.

All five family members escaped from the house fire safely thanks to working smoke detectors inside the home that woke up all in time to egress the structure. The home fire is an example of another instance when smoke detectors saved lives. Working smoke detectors helped with an early warning that allowed all to leave their home safely.

Firefighters were able to put out the house fire and had the flames under control after about an hour after arriving on scene.

The investigation into the fire is still ongoing.

(The usual disclaimers: I am not a journalist; This is a blog that expresses an outlook and is not conclusive in any shape or manner.) 

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