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Monday, September 9, 2013

USFA: New Mexico Fire Captain LODD: On-Duty Death 08.30.2013

Fire Captain Token Adams, 41, disappeared August 30, 2013 while riding an ATV and checking on a report of smoke in the Santa Fe National Forest. A week later after extensive search operations, Captain Adams was discovered by searchers deceased as a result of an accident involving the ATV.

Token Adams is survived by his wife, Heidi, 3 year old son, Tristan, his mother, a brother and sister. Token's wife Heidi is expecting their second childOur condolences to the Adams Family & Friends, the Santa Fe National Forest, and to all affected Fire Captain Token Adams' passing.To date,  79  firefighter fatalities have been reported to USFA in 2013. Year-to-date monthly and annual USFA firefighter fatality reports are posted online at U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) Fatality Notices page.

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