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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Good & Enjoyable Grilling Season Begins With Fire Safety

There’s nothing like outdoor grilling and therefore it is one of the most popular ways to cook food during the summertime. Approximately thirty-three percent of home grill structure fires start on an exterior balcony or unenclosed porch.

The Summer grilling season is the perfect time to gather with friends and family, in a laid-back atmosphere where formal attire is forgotten in favor of flip flops and T-shirts. But as relaxed as a backyard barbecue can be, it also can quickly turn into a potentially dangerous or unhealthy situation, especially when the trusted grill master doesn’t take the following safety precautions regarding his grill and the foods he’s preparing.

The Tioga Fire Protection and Fire Prevention blog wants to remind everyone that will be grilling this Summer of the importance of grilling safely in order to avoid a summertime tragedy.

It's that time of the year when many families and members of our community will be grilling outdoors. By following a few safety precautions burn injuries, fires, and other emergency situations can be prevented.

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Before you fire up the grill The National Fire Protection Association and U.S. Fire Administration is reminding everyone to remember to be fire safe about grilling and remember to use & practice fire safety when grill at the BBQ this summer.

The experts say, only use propane and charcoal grills outside and never leave them unattended. Also, remember to keep pets and children away from the barbecue area and make sure you check your propane tank hose for leaks before using the grill and to let coals cook completely if you use charcoal to cook.

Grilling safety tips are easy to keep in mind when cooking out this summer, remember "Be Fire Safe, Be Fire Wise, LearnNot To Burn!"

(The usual disclaimers: I am not a journalist; This is a blog that expresses an outlook and is not conclusive in any shape or manner.)

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