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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Great Flood of 2011

Well, with heavy rain coming down all day, we lost power last Wednesday (9/7/11) at 11:15 pm with the Susquehanna River here in the Southern Tier of New York State on the rise. On Thursday morning (9/8/11) at about 03:45 am we got the word we had to evacuate our homes to higher ground. It was being reported/being told that the river water was at the top of the dike system that surrounds & protects the little Village from the flood waters on the brink of following over. The flood level along the Susquehanna River was pushing near 40 feet at this point, which was 3-4 feet higher than the 2006 Flood.

With family and friends safe on high ground at the local Village elementary school made into a community shelter, we waited it out for about 30 hours for the water levels to lower. On Friday (9/9/11) 11:00 am we were clear to head back to our homes in the Village. At my home we found that we only had 2 and a half feet of water in the basement where once the sump pump was started, on generator power, keep the water level where it was at till levels began to recede.
We were very fortunate & lucky that’s all we had to deal with and I was proud that the dike system had held to protected our little Village from a greater disaster that was affecting the rest of our county and neighboring counties. Our thoughts and prayers are with those dealing with alot more.

After being on generator power for 4+ days waiting & watching the ground water as well as river water receding back, we started the process to dry thing and help our neighbors as best we can. On Monday evening (9/12/11) about 7:45 pm, being positive after making a bet with my neighbor that electrical power would be on by Wednesday @ 6:30 pm for four quarters, I met my neighbor at my back porch door who handed me four quarters. I just looked at those four quarters and said, “Wow, the power is back on!”

Today Tuesday (9/13/11) life got back to a little normal in the little Village I live in and we are luckier than most in the area here due to the dike that held its ground and held the flood waters at bay.

Pictures of The Great Flood of 2011:

(The usual disclaimers: I am not a journalist; Th is is a blog that expresses an outlook and is not conclusive in any shape or manner.)

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